Lea Wait

For Freedom Alone

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Sheepscot River Press
ISBN 978-0-9964084-8-6
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Between 1780 and 1860 English landowners evicted tens of thousands of Scottish Highlanders from the hills and glens where their families had lived for generations. Some Scots were lucky enough to be sent to populate Canada or Australia. Others joined refugees from the Irish potato famine and the industrial revolution in the increasingly industrialized cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh, creating some of the worst slums in British history. FOR FREEDOM ALONE is the story of one Highland family, a father and his three children, struggling to keep their family, and their hope, alive in 1848 Edinburgh. Father finds there are few jobs for men; women and children can be paid less, so are more desirable employees. Meggie, fifteen, is lucky to find work at a hotel; twelve-year-old Rab, tries to learn the ways of the streets, while little Kirstie, only four, huddles in a dark room to be safe. A story of courage and survival for readers of all ages, especially those whose ancestral roots are deep in the Scottish Highlands.

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