Lea Wait

Fabulous Facts About Lea

Lea’s house was built on an island in 1774 and then, in 1832, was pulled across a frozen river to the mainland. Forty oxen pulled it up the hill to where it now sits.

Her first pet was a green parakeet named Happy. If you clapped your hands he would come and land on your head. Once he flew out of the house – but he came back when Lea’s sister Nancy clapped!

Lea has eight grandchildren. They live in Kansas, Maryland, and Virginia.

Lea and her husband, Bob

Lea’s favorite sport is rowing her 11-foot rowboat.

Lea keeps a mug of Tootsie Roll Pops on her desk for inspiration and solace when writing gets tough.

She always has a bottle of champagne in her refrigerator in case there is something to celebrate. In slow times she dusts it off, or invents something to celebrate.

She loves spicy Chinese food, mushrooms, and any seafood. Except shark.

Lea’s daughters helped her build floor to ceiling bookcases in their home. There are (filled) bookcases in every room of her house. (She needs more rooms.)

Lea’s first apartment was a walk-up in Greenwich Village in New York City. Instead of a bathroom it had a toilet in the only closet, and a step-up shower and set-tub in the kitchen. Also in the kitchen was a 19th century pump organ Lea had bought from a Maine church.

Lea likes to sing. Her children, grandchildren, and neighbors have told her this is not a good idea. Now she only sings when she is driving. Alone.

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