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School Visits

Author Visits to Schools:
A Fun Way to Meet Educational Goals

Lea Wait has visited schools in nine states in person, and visited schools via Skype in four more. She’d love to visit yours! Although she’s spoken to classes from kindergarten through university level, most of her visits have been to elementary and middle schools, speaking with students who’ve read at least one of her historical novels, or high school students interested in learning more about writing, an author’s life, or writing mysteries or historical novels.

Lea always speaks enthusiastically and with humor. When speaking about writing she emphasizes the need for primary research and editing, and brings copies of her manuscripts, with her editor’s comments, and primary research materials she’s used.

She’s also happy to customize a presentation to work with your school’s curricula or cover Common Core objectives.

If Lea focuses her presentation on writing, after she visits a school students are able to describe the process an author uses when writing a book, list several new ways to look at their own work when revising, and (if she is talking about her historical novels) remember several new (to them) facts about life in 19th century America.

The subject matter of her books also fits well with the goals of both the literature and social studies Common Core Standards (e.g. the influence of setting on characters and plot; the concept of place in American history, changes in communication and transportation over time, and the economic and social consequences of personal decisions.) She can develop a presentation for your school emphasizing these concepts, or others your classes are focusing on.

Teachers have commented after Lea’s visits …

“Her presentation fit so well with our curriculum ..Research, history, and editing. It was excellent!”

“Staff and students all loved Lea’s visit and hope she comes back next year.”

“My kids are inspired and have been revising their essays because of Lea’s presentation.”

“Several teachers have adopted writing units to followup on Lea’s ideas.”

Author Lea Wait talks about writing historical fiction for kids.

Lea is also available for school author-in-residence programs, writing workshops, keynotes, and conference workshops. References from teachers and librarians in schools she’s visited are available on request.

Author Visit Fees:

Lea’s usual charge for a school visit is $700 plus food, travel, and lodging, if appropriate. When travel is required a day before and/or after the visit that will add $150 per day to the cost.

Individual schools can reduce their expenses if they work together and arrange for Lea to visit several schools over 3-5 days, and share her travel expenses.

If a class has read one of Lea's books, Lea will do a 15-minute Skype visit with them for free, so they can meet her and ask questions. She charges $75 for a one-hour Skype classroom visit; every additional hour the same day, to the same location/school, is $35.

Today many schools that would like to afford author visits are under severe budget restrictions. Some public schools have been successful in appealing to local service organization for funding. In additional to PTO groups, the Friends of the Library, local Rotary, Lions, Kiwanis, or even local Garden Clubs or commercial businesses such as supermarkets, have sponsored author visits in whole or in part. For a sample letter to such an organization asking them for funding, see http://www.scbwicencal.org/authorvisits.

Feel free to contact Lea about your school’s needs and ideas: leawait@roadrunner.com

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