Lea Wait

Shadows on the Coast of Maine
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Simon & Schuster
Pocket Books
ISBN 1416587713

Maggie’s August visit to an old college classmate who has just moved to an old house in Maine takes a series of unexpected turns as the house itself seems unsettled in this second of the Shadows Mystery Series. Unexplained voices? A mysterious fire? Hidden treasure in the attic? A body in the back field? Maggie’s hopes for a romantic future with fellow antique dealer Will Brewer are complicated when she discovers that the house causing so many problems is Will’s ancestral home. And some of his living relatives are not happy that the house is now owned by someone outside the family. Suspense, mystery .. and, of course, antique prints!

- Mystery Guild “Editor’s Selection”

New York Times Book Review: “Wait charmingly attends to the delightful business of going to auctions and uncovering a colonial-era kitchen fireplace – among other entertaining things Maggie does when she visits a friend and discovers that she and her husband are beset with more than the usual problems of remodeling an old house. But whenever Maggie can tear herself away from such pesky distractions as mysterious fires, phantom babies crying in the night, and the body of a teenager out behind the barn, she applies her knowledge of antique documents to illuminate fascinating secrets of local legend.”

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