Lea Wait

Shadows on a Cape Cod Wedding
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Perseverance Press
ISBN 078-1564745316
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The sixth in the Shadows Antique Print Mystery series finds Maggie Summer on Cape Cod in late October to help her best friend, Gussie White, with last minute wedding preparations.
But wedding attire takes second place to moving Gussie’s doll and toy shop to a new location, moving Gussie and her fiancé to their new home … and finding out who murdered their  neighbor, whose daughter just arrived from Colorado. To add to the confusion, his body was just found on the beach, and his daughter thought he’d died in an accident two years ago. Why was he on the Cape to begin with, and why was he using another name? He’s been staying with his deaf cousin, who has an unusual profession … and Maggie gets involved with it all, when she’s not busy sampling possible wedding cakes, dealing with mother-in-law issues,  and planning when she’ll tell her own beau, Will Brewer, some big news of her own. So it isn’t surprising that she hasn’t been listening to the weather channel ….
On top of everything else, it turns out both Maggie and Will had big plans for this wedding weekend they hadn’t shared with each other. They’re both stressed, Maggie’s in more danger than she knows, and usually easy-going Will is frustrated.

Will Maggie solve the murders? But in the process, will she push Will’s patience too far?

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