Lea Wait

Threads of Evidence

Second in the Mainely Needlepoint Series

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Kensington Publishing Corp.
ISBN-13: 978-1617730061
Also available as e-book
Threads of Evidence is also available in audio CD, Audible, and large print.

In 1970 a teenaged girl whose family owned a large Victorian summer home in Haven Harbor, Maine, died suddenly. Was it an accident, as the police report said? Or does her deserted home, or the needlework inside, hide clues to what really happened at that Labor Day party? And why is a famous Hollywood actress now so determined to renovate the home ... and become a part of the Haven Harbor community?

“Like all of Wait’s previous mysteries, it offers a wonderful sense of place and characters right from the very beginning. Highly recommended!”
-- Suspense Magazine

“So well-written I didn’t want to put it own. Wait deftly creates an ‘edgy cozy’ series, where real deaths happen, but ‘off stage,’ and there’s no gore ... but look out for arsenic, fire, and other scary events. (Copies) make good gifts, too, full of a sense of community and friendship as well as Angie’s determination not to let a killer get away with something. Thanks, Lea Wait and Kensington ... what a way to wrap up the summer!”
-- Beth Kanell, Kingdom Books

“Deep atmosphere, secrets from the past and a mystery with sharp plotting and well-developed, sympathetic characters create another winner in the second of the Mainely Needlepoint Mysteries ... strong writing ...Wait’s descriptions of needlework and the mansion are so lyrical the reader can see and feel them. Tension grows as the past reached into the present.”
-– Romantic Times Book Reviews

New: read the three-page prequel online now.

Authorís Note:

Iíll admit ... old houses fascinate me. Who lived there? What were their stories? Iím especially drawn to neglected houses. (I even bought one once ... but thatís another story!) I want to gather them all in, restore them, and try to bring back the memories they hold. I even dream about old houses; houses with many rooms and places for everyone I know and love. So ... itís not surprising I chose to put a neglected Victorian mansion at the center of Threads of Evidence. (Preview note: Aurora will also appear in future Mainely Needlepoint books.)

Questions and Topics for Discussion:

Do your feel most comfortable in new homes or older ones? Why, do you think, in either case? Do you ever, like me, dream of finding a neglected treasure and fixing it up?

Skye West, and others in Threads of Evidence, remember Aurora as it once was. If you were Skye, would you try to replicate what was, or modernize the interior of Aurora?

Aurora was where a close friend of Skyeís died. Do you think itís normal for her to want to buy the estate? Or would she be better off putting 1970 in the far past? Skye is a ďstar of stage and screen.Ē Does she seem like a real person, like a neighbor you might meet (a neighbor with money!) or does she seem to be in another world?
What about Patrick, her son?

Angie and Sarah are both attracted to Patrick, but Sarah saw him first. Is Angie right to leave him alone, or is ďall fair in love and war?

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