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Books by Lea Wait

For children:

Stopping to Home, ISBN 0689838492, Aladdin
Seaward Born, ISBN 068984719X, McElderry or 0689848609, Aladdin
Wintering Well, ISBN 0689856474, Aladdin
Finest Kind, ISBN 1416909524, McElderry
Uncertain Glory, ISBN 978-1-939017-25-3, Islandport Press
For Freedom Alone, ISBN 978-0-9964084-8-6, Sheepscot River Press
Contrary Winds, ISBN 978-0-9964084-9-3, Sheepscot River Press

For Adults and Young Adults

Pizza to Die For, ISBN 9780996408455, Sheepscot River Press

For adults:

Historical Fiction

Justice and Mercy, ISBN 978-1798971246, Sheepscott River Press

Maine Murder Mystery Series (written as Cornelia Kidd)

Death and a Pot of Chowder, ISBN 978-1683315834, Crooked Lane Books

Shadows Antique Print Mystery Series

Shadows at the Fair, ISBN 0743456203, Pocket Books
Shadows on the Coast of Maine, ISBN 1416587713, Pocket Books
Shadows on the Ivy, ISBN 0743475585, Pocket Books
Shadows at the Spring Show, ISBN 0743475593, Pocket Books
Shadows of a Down East Summer, ISBN 978-1564744975, Perseverance Press
Shadows on a Cape Cod Wedding , ISBN 978-1564745316, Perseverance Press
Shadows on a Maine Christmas, ISBN 978-1-56474-547-7, Perseverance Press
Shadows on a Morning in Maine, ISBN 978-1-56474-577-4, Perseverance Press

Mainely Needlepoint Mystery Series

Twisted Threads, ISBN 978-1-61773-004-7, Kensington Publishing
Threads of Evidence, ISBN 978-1617730061, Kensington Publishing
Thread and Gone, ISBN 978-1617730085, Kensington Publishing
Dangling By a Thread, ISBN 978-1-4967-0626-3, Kensington Publishing
Tightening the Threads ISBN 1-4967-0628-5, Kensington Publishing
Thread the Halls, ISBN: 978-1-4967-0639-0, Kensington Publishing
Thread Herrings, ISBN: 978-1-4967-1673-0, Kensington Publishing
Thread on Arrival, ISBN: 978-1496716736, Kensington Publishing
Thread and Buried, ISBN: 978-1496716750, Kensington Publishing (release date: November 26, 2019)


Living and Writing on the Coast of Maine, ISBN 978-0996408424, Sheepscot River Press