Lea Wait

Justice & Mercy

An Historical Mystery for Adults

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ISBN 978-1798971246
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It’s April of 1865. Disabled Civil War veteran and lawyer Aaron Stone, visiting his Aunt Cornelia in upstate New York State and hoping to end the pain and nightmares only opium and morphine can mitigate, finds a bludgeoned body revealed by receding Erie Canal flood waters. He’s determined to identify the unknown man and bring peace to the man’s family, but his quest leads him to uncover secrets that, if revealed, would be disastrous for his aunt, for an attractive young woman who lives nearby, and for other women in the area. Does truth always equal justice? Aaron Stone is forced to decide.

From reader reviews on Amazon:

“The title of “Justice & Mercy” is brought shockingly into play in Lea Wait’s conclusion. The treatment of women in the post-Civil War period was quite different from what we usually think. You’ll want everyone you know to read Lea Wait’s gripping “Justice and Mercy.”
“I loved this book. To me, it is her best yet. The characters come alive in the pages, despite the tough topic. An American Civil War veteran returns home after losing an arm at the battle of the Wilderness. He soon finds that New York laws are not to his liking as he prepares a woman in court. Aaron soon learns the only way to clear her name is to discover the truth behind her husband’s death.”
“Awesome! I read the book twice, cheering the women on!”
“A powerful look at relationships between men and women prior to women’s rights ... a quick read I highly recommend.”

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